213 Pierce Road Plymouth NY 13832

 We currently do not use this web site for e-mail communication.  Please use lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net


We continue to do home deliveries (local farm products), although we are done setting up at the park for the year.  We provide SNAP, FreshConnect, and credit card services year round.  Unfortunately, we are now out of produce.  Call and we can refer you to other FMNP farmers in the county.  For every $5 placed on a SNAP card, customer receives a free FreshConnect check.  We are still home delivering eggs, lamb, goat, raw honey, and local maple syrup (all available on SNAP and FreshConnect).

Call 607-334-4928 or e-mail norwichfarmersmarket@frontier.com to find out current availability and place your order.  To help pay for our gasoline we will charge a 5% delivery fee.

Our year round Mobile Market is 100% volunteer run and financed 90% by donation and small grants, 10% vendor fees. We need someone to write a grant so that we can obtain the trailer to transport farm products. We already have the battery operated freezer to transport Chenango County meat products. Call 607-334-4928 or email norwichfarmersmarket@frontier.com if you can volunteer to help us write grants and/or help drive the delivery truck.

You can access Lamb's Quarters Organic Farm products on regular work days by contacting us at 607-334-4928 or our e-mail lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net.  We also do deliveries.  (see our products page)

GOOSE and CHICKEN are now available 9/27/20, vacuum packed, as follows:

soup chicken, $4/lb = 5.04 lbs, total price $20.16

roaster chicken, $5/lb = 6.38 lbs., total price $31.90

roaster chicken, $5/lb = 6.6 lbs., total price $33.00

Yearling goose, $5/lb:

5.35 lbs, price $26.75

6.49 lbs, price $32.45

6.83 lbs., price $34.15

7.05 lbs., price $35.25

7.21 lbs., price $36.05