8/28/18:  This week is the last week for Pristine Acres and Muscle In My Arm Farm.  Poppy's has left for Florida.  They will be back in the spring.

6/26/18 and 8/28/18:  products currently available:  greens (dandelion, mustard, lambs quarters), apples, eggs, lamb, goat, cut flowers, dried beans.  Norwich Farmers Market (Wednesdays in East Park 10-4) has three new vendors:  Bandera Christmas (a new charity organization looking for volunteers to provide Christmas dinner to shut-ins and others in need), Poppy's Food Truck (WONDERFUL Mexican and American foods ready-to-eat), Pristine Acres (certified organic produce), Muscle in my Arm Farm (certified organic beef and pork), and Solstice solar energy.

3/2/18:  FOR SALEFOR SALE:  Antique Ford Jubalee tractor with backhoe, unknown condition, $1,000 or best offer.

2/20/18:  Note:  Norwich Farmers Market vendors did not have enough produce to set up this winter.  NFM will reopen in the park on the first Wednesday in May 2018 (weather permitting).  Keep informed by going to NFM's Facebook page "Norwich NY Farmers Market".

However, You can access Lamb's Quarters Organic Farm products by contacting us at 607-334-4928 or our e-mail lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net.  (see our products page)

213 Pierce Road Plymouth NY 13832

 We currently do not use this web site for e-mail communication.  Please use lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net

products currently available for sale (all products sold on this farm are produced old-style organically, humanely, and sustainably on this farm; we do not buy and resale from other producers), last updated 3/26/18:

goose (whole, frozen), 7.9 lbs @ $5/lb = $39.50

eggs, $5.75/dz; save $.25 if you provide your own carton, you can also buy by the 1/2 dz or by the egg! (believe it or not, there are people who don't eat that many eggs and prefer not to store eggs for more than a month).        


  • ground lamb or ground goat, $9/lb
  • lamb shoulder chops, $9.50/lb
  • lamb or goat boneless stew (for speidies, shish kabobs, stir fries), $13/lb
  • lamb or goat boneless shoulder roast, $12/lb.

produce (current):

  • butternut squash (few remaining)
  • Jerusalem artichokes (allow a few days for us to harvest & prepare)

You can access Lamb's Quarters Organic Farm products by contacting us at 607-334-4928 or our e-mail lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net.