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News and Events

Wednesday, December 27, 2017:
FINALLY!!!!  The goose is in.  For sale @ $5/lb (frozen, vacuum packed with neck):
whole goose, 7.1 lbs.
whole goose, 7.9 lbs.
whole goose, 8.1 lbs.
whole goose, 8.4 lbs.

4 crops, 1lb 3oz:  $8.00/bag
4 livers, 4 hearts in one bag, 1lb 2oz:  $10/bag

Monday, December 18, 2017:  

November 22, 2017, was our last day in Norwich at the market for the year.  The vendors voted not to continue into the winter due to the poor growing season and lack of sufficient product to last through the winter.

Our farm, however, will continue to sell at the farm in Plymouth by appointment, and we will continue to do our home-deliveries.  Call 607-334-4928 to place an order and make arrangements for pick-up or delivery.  We accept WIC Fruit & Vegetable checks year round.

We are still looking for an assistant general manager with experience in mechanics, horticulture, and general maintenance.   Living space may be available in the future for the successful candidate.

We need volunteers of all types:  someone to work one-on-one with trainees, someone to take responsibility for one or more aspects of the farm operation, someone to handle the paperwork for the GAPS program, someone to act as a general secretary, someone to help with the accounting, etc. etc.  Our website will shortly be accessible through "Lamb's Quarters, Inc." and will contain all information for our nonprofit.  We will be listing a more comprehensive list of what volunteers can sign up for.

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