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meat, milk, eggs

 MEAT:   Various cuts of USDA inspected, vacuum packaged lamb and goat are available throughout the year.  Goose is usually available.  Chicken (slow roasters AND soup chickens) are usually available.  The smaller cuts of meat are available at the Norwich Farmers Market on Wednesdays or pick-up at the farm.  See "meat prices page for current prices or you can also request a list of available cuts with prices through our e-mail.

EGGS:  Our original chickens came from a flock of multiple breeds gone wild for several generations on a local dairy farm.  This extremely healthy and hardy group were very broody and very protective.  Over the years we have inculcated a variety of other breeds into the flock to increase the size of the eggs and to make the broody hens more willing to share their eggs with us (we called our original hens "Ninja-mamas").

Our birds do not like mash or soy (smart birds!).  They eat certified organic whole grains, seeds, kelp, bugs, and plant material.  The cost of organic grains and organic sunflower seeds is daunting so we price our eggs based on industry standards.  Although it costs us far more per dozen to produce our eggs than the price we sell them at, the health benefits to the birds and the people who eat their eggs is worth it.

Our eggs are packed in clean, new egg cartons.  You can receive a $.25 discount on any carton of eggs if you provide your own carton.  For your protection we do not collect used cartons or use them to sell eggs to others.
   We are happy to transfer the eggs from our new carton into your used carton.

RAW GOAT'S MILK:  We DO NOT sell our milk for human or animal consumption.  We sell our milk for soap making ONLY.

page last updated 4/2/15.

meat, milk, eggs
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