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meat prices
LAMB/GOAT cuts, 2015 prices
leg, $9.00/lb
shoulder roast, boneless, $13/lb
shank roast (Osso Bucco), $9.00/lb (special orders only)
rib chops, $17/lb
loin chops, $15.00/lb
shoulder chops, $10.00/lb
boneless stew meat for speidies or shish-ka-bob, $14.00/lb
stew meat w/ bone, $8.50/lb
ground, $9.00/lb
liver, $7/lb
kidneys, $7/lb
heart, $7/lb
tongue, $7/lb
testicles, $7/lb
fat, $1.00/lb
soup bones, $2/lb

POULTRY:  packaged whole and frozen without giblets or necks (giblets and necks are sold separately); if you want fresh poultry instead of frozen, you will need to coordinate the processing date with us and pick up your unfrozen meat within 24 hours of the processing date. 

CHICKEN, SLOW ROASTERS $4.50/lb (birds 1 year old or less); weights available are generally 4 to 5 lbs.
CHICKEN, SOUP $3.50/lb (birds 1 year old or more), weights are generally 3 to 6 lbs.
CHICKEN giblets or necks $1.00/lb.

GOOSE $5.00/lb (birds 1 year old or less); weights are generaly 6 to 8 lbs.
GOOSE $4.00/lb (birds 1 year old or older); weights are from 7 to 8 lbs.
GOOSE giblets $1.00/lb. (necks not available)

page last updated 3/28/15

meat prices
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