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 LIVESTOCK:  We do not sell young sheep or goats until they are at least weaning age (6 weeks to 3-4 months old - every doe/ewe weans her babies at different times).  Call early in the year to reserve an animal.  Occasionally we also sell adult sheep and goats.  See our "News" page for any current availability.

ANIMAL FEED AND SUPPLEMENTS:  We will gladly sell the following products by the pound (or by the 50 lb. bag).  Call for current prices (they change too often to keep them updated on the web):

  • whole organic corn
  • whole organic barley
  • kelp
WOOL:  We have Icelandic sheep and shear twice a year.  There are different colors.  Wool can be used for felting or spinning.  We currently sell raw fleeces, skirted fleeces, or rovings.  Call for availability and prices.

COMPOST:  We are happy to sell small quantities of compost to beginner gardeners who want a chemical free environment.

LIVESTOCK:  We sell live goats, sheep, chickens, geese during certain times of year, also fertile eggs (for hatching).

BARNBOARDS:  Our old barn occasionally needs repair and we keep the weathered barn boards to sell (aargh! we used to burn them!!!!)

ANTIQUES:  The farm came with lots of stored items which we are gradually selling (e.g., milk cans, old farm tools, glass, tin, buck rakes, square nails)

farm products
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