Lamb's Quarters, Inc.
sustainable farming since 1914
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About 501(c)3

Lamb's Quarters, Inc. (nicknamed "LQinc") was formed in 2015.  LQinc owns and holds the d/b/a to Lamb's Quarters Organic Farm, a 90-acre organic farm, for the purpose of using the farm to train future farmers in the skills and art of farming.  LQinc also holds the d/b/a for Norwich Farmers Market where most of the farm products are sold.

LQinc obtained its 501(c)3 status on November 23, 2015, and is registered with the NYS Bureau of Charlities.

As a nonprofit, our target populations for training and other services are:
- veterans
- disabled
- disadvantaged, and
- young people just starting out in life.

All training and services are offered free of charge to the target populations.  Ownership of farm products (livestock, produce, fiber products, firewood) is also available at no charge.  Individual contracts are developed to suit the needs of both the trainee and the farm.

Everyone who works on, trains at, and/or visits this farm must agree to follow all the regulations governing organic practices, food safety, OSHA safety, bio-security, and must comply with all local, state, and federal laws.  LQinc is currently working towards USDA Organic certification, GAPS certification, and obtaining a farmland protection easement so the property will continue in perpetuity as an organic farm protecting the ecology.

Sandy Pierce is the General Manager of the farm operation and is a board member of the nonprofit.  We are currently looking for an assistant farm manager to take over the major portion of the farm operation so Sandy can focus on the nonprofit duties.

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