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CSAs and CMCs

We are currently not taking on any new CSAs.  The farm is being transitioned into a nonprofit organization.  Following is how we hope to restart this valuable service.

Unfortunately the CSA concept has developed a negative reputation since many people have been required to pay hundreds of dollars in advance for unknown quantities of unknown kinds of produce, sometimes receiving box loads when they have little time to deal with it.

CSA simply stands for "community supported agriculture" and was introduced many years ago with many different styles of participation.  Our way of offering this service is to individually design a plan for each family or individual based on their preferences and time availability (for processing their harvest and/or participating in the growing and harvesting).  Some people just prefer to let us do all the work and call to let us know when they need a delivery.

We sit down together to plan your season's need (e.g., if you wish specific varieties of anything, if you wish training in gardening so you can do it yourself in the future, if you wish large quantities for canning or freezing, if you wish to rent-a-row, etc).  One half of the projected cost of your plan is paid up front with a portion of that as non-refundable (your part in the risk of farming), and the balance is paid on a schedule according to the harvest schedule.  You know before you sign the contract or write a check what you are purchasing and at what price.  This process is finished by the end of December for the following year.  We also offer "late comer" CSAs.  Just e-mail to get an application.

Of course you are not limited to purchasing only what is in your contract.  We can deliver additional produce or goods with your CSA/CMC order - just ask what else we have available.  The contract is for planning purposes - for us as well as you.

We encourage anyone thinking about going into small farming to obtain Booker T. Whatley's book from the library entitled How to Make $100,000 Farming 25 Acres, a very old book re-discovered in 1987 by Rodale Institute.  Of course, in this region you won't make anywhere near that much (or even break-even), but it's a really good read.

CSAs and CMCs
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