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a sustainable farm business since 1984
About us


The farm was turned over to a nonprofit corporation called Lamb's Quarters, Inc., in March 2015.  Since the owner was getting on in years and could no longer manage it without help, she opened it up to veterans, disabled, disadvantaged, and young people who are landless.  With the help of grants and volunteers the farm managers will teach people how to garden and farm before they have to make a large capital outlay for property.

Sandy Pierce, general manager and former owner/operator, has degrees in music education and speech language pathology with years of experience in rehabilitation, education, retailing, marketing, farming and nutrition.  Life threatening chemical sensitivities and allergies resulted in a life-long journey learning about diet, clean food, and clean environment.

Our founding board of directors contain 2 veterans, a degreed biologist with special interests in entomology and horticulture, 3 retired farmers, 2 experienced in rehabilitation (vocational and communication), 2 retired teachers, 2 who work in human services, and 1 retired from industrial maintenance, manufacturing and cost analysis.

We are currently looking for an assistant farm manager with experience in mechanics, horticulture, and general maintenance.  Any returning veteran or organic grower looking for a career in sustainable farming and who would like to apply should contact 607-334-4928 or lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net.

The history of the 90-acre farm and the hill surrounding is known back to the 1800's.  The road (Pierce Road) is named after Sandy's grandfather.  It is rich in clean water sources, woodlands, native pastures, orchards, and a southeast facing orientation.  The introduction of sheep and goats helped to restore natural pastures and weaken noxious plants (they like to eat them!).  This little biosphere runs efficiently with poultry and ovines making wonderful compost for the gardens and field crops.  In turn the poultry and ovines eat leftover plant goods so that very little is wasted.

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