There are three ways to participate to assure the future of farming.

Categories #1 and #2 are considered "Workers", Category #3 is considered a supporter.

1.  VOLUNTEER (no payment, services, or product can be accepted)  See #2 below for the list of areas where we need volunteers to help train the new farmers.

a.  Staff:  directors, officers, managers/full time volunteers

b.  General Volunteer


Each trainee decides on the areas he/she is interested in learning and an individual agreement is created.  Some may want to own their own livestock, some may just want to grow food for family, some may want to grow product to market to the consumer, etc.  The following is not an exhaustive list of the possible areas to work:

a.  Flora (Gardening, Silvaculture):  ordering, ground preparation, planting, weeding, irrigation, pruning, forest management, harvesting of produce, processing and storage of produce, pest management, food safety, record management.

b.  Field Management:  haying, plowing & planting field crops, mowing, harvest of field crops, storage, record management, equipment operation, mntce, safety.

c.  Fauna:  poultry manangement, sheep & goat (ovine) management, pest & parasite management, scheduling processing, feed management, foot trimming, rotational pastures (moveable fencing, shelters), record management, bee keeping, humane care of livestock.

d.  Mechanics and Equipment:  basic engine maintenance and repair for gas and bio-diesel, basic matenance, repair, and operation of (baler, mowers, cultivators, rototillers, weed wckers, scythes, backhoe, tools, chain saws), sharpening blades, record management.

e.  Retail Store & Farmers Markets:  ordering, inventory control, food safety, cleaning, customer relations, marketing, cash control, deliveries, record management.

f.  Building & Grounds:  basic carpentry, basic plumbing, basic electrical, cleaning, basic masonry, basic surveying, firewood preparation, safety, construction.

g.  Office & Business:  data entry, computer skills, tyingscheduling, accounting, supply management, cleaning.

h.  Miscellaneous:  sewing and mending, laundry, cleaning, library, GAPS training, organic certification, transportation, livestock guard dog training, mapping, research, worshops/presentations.

3.  MEMBERSHIPS:  This farm and nonprofit operates solely on donations.  If you would like to contribute by being a yearly member, please e-mail us for an application and details.  Your yearly membership is tax deductible and you will receive the newsletters and are welcome to visit the farm.