1November 2021 note:  This site is STILL under construction (we could use a little more help).  Contact lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net for information 

Lamb's Quarters Organic Farm was donated at no cost in March of 2015 to Lamb's Quarters, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping landless  people and new farmer trainees/students grow food for their families and/or to sell at local markets.  This 90-acre old-style organic farm is located on Pierce Road (named after the donor's grandfather, Benjamin Pierce) in the Town of Plymouth, Chenango County, New York, USA.

We are looking for volunteers to help keep the flora and fauna on LQfarm in good health, and to work with trainees imparting skills and knowledge.

All training and services are offered free of charge to the target populations.  Ownership of LQfarm products (livestock, produce, fiber products, meat, eggs, etc.) is also available at no charge depending on the individual agreement.  Agreements are developed to suit the needs of both the trainee and the farm.

livestock includes sheep, goats, chickens, geese

lamb's quarters, the herb

a volunteer planting the hoop house

farmhouse dates back to the early 1800's and was a roadside inn; east flower garden with cold frame.

Our nonprofit has held the d/b/a for Norwich Farmers Market (NFM) since 2015 (the public market in Norwich, NY, at which the donor farm family has sold LQfarm products for many years).  NFM was the successor in interest from Vital Vittles, Inc. (VVinc).  VVinc was the successor in interest for the 87 year old public market from the City of Norwich in 2012 when the city turned the 2-day public market over to two nonprofits (Norwich BID took over the Saturday half and Vital Vittles took over the Wednesday half.  Norwich BID permanently closed the Saturday half of the public market in January 2016 leaving only the Wednesday half continuing to this day).  We need a volunteer to create an NFM page on this website to highlight the market vendors and products.  NFM was transitioned to a mobile market in 2018 to serve all farmers in the county who wish to sell their products directly to the consumer and to serve all consumers throughout the county who desire to support local agriculture and to eat fresh, local products.  We are the only farmers market in Chenango County which provides all of the nutritional programs to the food insecure.