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Sun-Fri:  607-334-4928    213 Pierce Road

                                                 Plymouth, NY  13832

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Wednesdays only:     (market cell 607-345-1447)

East Park, North Broad Street in Norwich, NY

"Wilson's Tree"

This ancient transparent apple tree is named after a Pierce Family friend who lovingly taught many of us. 

We miss you Wilson Robbins.

Norwich Farmers Market is a year round market in East Park, North Broad Street, Norwich, NY, spring, summer, and fall.  Home deliveries year round by appointment.

We are looking for volunteers/board members with a background in finances and grant writing.

Our founders and mentors have included veterans, farmers, teachers, therapists, and people with interests, skills, and/or training in science, entomology, horticulture, ecology, geology, biology, social services, industrial engineering, maintenance, heavy equipment operation and maintenance, cost analysis, nutrition, and civil engineering.

CURRENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS (last updated 3/3/2023):

SandyBonell PierceLast remaining member of the Pierce family (the donors of the farm).  Current secretary/treasurer of the board of directors, general manager of the farm, and market manager for Norwich Farmers Market.  Undergraduate degree in education, graduate degree in speech/language pathology.  Fourth generation farmer.  Sandy's father passed away in the dairy barn in 1948.   She and her mother started this era of this diversified farm in the 1970's with siblings and spouses joining soon after.  She has training and experience in theater arts (choreography training has helped in managing the livestock!), nutrition, farming, graphic arts, time studies, data collection, marketing, and rehabilitation.  There were two Viet Nam veterans in the family who experienced the healing power of working with plants and animals so the family donated the farm to benefit our country's veterans and all the landless people in Chenango County.

Christy BirtcherCurrent vice president for farming.  LICSW (MA)/LCSW(NY).  Grew up in a rural town in Connecticut.  After working as a trauma therapist in Greater Boston for seven years, she went in search of a place where she could plant a garden and raise livestock, and fell in love with Chenango County.  She now runs a small private psychotherapy practice, and has gradually acquired cats, a dog, horses, chickens, and Icelandic dairy sheep since moving here.  She hopes to continue expanding her garden following natural farming principles.  Her passions include the welfare of our planet and social justice, including equal access to healthy, organic food as well as equal access to mental health care.

Gary Lynk:  Current president of the board and vice present for mechanics.  Gary is a graduate of Norwich High School class of '63.  He was a member of the US Army Corp of Engineers as Engineer for equipment repair instructor/inspector.  He retired from the City of Norwich Fire Dept after 33 years as a firefighter, AEMT all positions, and finally as Fire Chief.  He operated Lynk Construction Excavating, Paving, Material supplier, and attended NYS Fire Academy, SUNY Binghamton, Morrisville, and Broome community for various courses.

Christopher Cerutti:  Recently moved into the area with his wife.  He wants to have a part in helping this organic farm reach its full potential, again producing both organically raised livestock and produce.  He is a retiree of the NYC Department of Correction, having served 20 years.  Also, a graduate from Manhattan College with a B.S. in biology.

Roland Jezek:  Is a wastwater treatment process engineer, currently licensed in NYS.  He was born and raised in Queens, NY, and, although he grew up in the city, he always felt a calling to the natural world and country life.  Roland found LQfarm on in 2017, which left a deep impression that caused him to return to gain more experience in farming and acquire skills to eventually start his own homestead.

Logan LaTray: Assistant Farm Manager. Logan brings a diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit to the farm. With experience in animal care from his work at an equine therapy program, Logan brings a hands-on approach to nurturing our livestock. His proficiency in carpentry and computer-aided design equips him to tackle infrastructure projects and implement technological solutions on the farm. Logan's passion for supporting recovering addicts aligns with our mission of holistic wellness, as he seeks to provide a nurturing environment for both people and plants. Leveraging his experience in web and graphic design, Logan aims to enhance the marketability of our farm products and diversify revenue streams. His expertise in computer engineering and software design promises to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. He hopes to contribute to the development of resource-efficient and sustainable farming practices that help himself and his community lead more fulfilling and virtuous lives.


Russell Overton:  2017-April 12, 2018

Jude Smith:  2015 - February 27, 2023

Russel "Russ" Carr: 2015-2023