There are three ways to participate to assure the future of farming.

People in categories #1 and #2 we call "Workers", people in category #3 are called "Supporters".  You may belong to as many categories as you like, but due to the myriad of reports and obligations in operating a nonprofit we've had to make certain descriptive categories.  We are looking to find a sponsor to help us with a fund raiser to create T-shirts for sale with our logo.  Call 607-334-4928 or e-mail us to find out how to help us with it.

1.  VOLUNTEER (no payment, services, or farm products can be given to you in exchange for your time, or support)  See #2 below for the list of areas where we need volunteers to help train the new farmers.  We cannot give you farm products as we need all income from farm products to help pay for the cost of operation. 

a.  Staff:  directors, officers, managers, full time volunteers

b.  General Volunteer:  you pick the times, tasks, and frequencies


Each trainee decides on the areas he/she is interested in learning and an individual agreement is created.  Some may want to own their own livestock, some may just want to grow food for family, some may want to grow product to market to the consumer, etc.  The following is not an exhaustive list of the possible areas to work:

a.  Flora (Gardening, Silvaculture):  ordering, ground preparation, planting, weeding, irrigation, pruning, forest management, harvesting of produce, processing and storage of produce, pest management, food safety, record management.

b.  Field Management:  haying, plowing & planting field crops, mowing, harvest of field crops, storage, record management, equipment operation, mntce, safety.

c.  Fauna:  poultry manangement, sheep & goat (ovine) management, pest & parasite management, scheduling processing, feed management, foot trimming, rotational pastures (moveable fencing, shelters), record management, bee keeping, humane care of livestock.

d.  Mechanics and Equipment:  basic engine maintenance and repair for gas and bio-diesel, basic matenance, repair, and operation of (baler, mowers, cultivators, rototillers, weed wackers, scythes, backhoe, tools, chain saws), sharpening blades, record management.

e.  Retail Store & Farmers Markets:  ordering, inventory control, food safety, cleaning, customer relations, marketing, cash control, deliveries, record management.

f.  Building & Grounds:  basic carpentry, basic plumbing, basic electrical, cleaning, basic masonry, basic surveying, firewood preparation, safety, construction.

g.  Office & Business:  data entry, computer skills, typing, scheduling, accounting, supply management, cleaning.

h.  Miscellaneous:  sewing and mending, laundry, cleaning, library, GAPS training, organic certification, transportation, livestock guard dog training, mapping, research, worshops/presentations.

So, you want to be a "real" farmer?  Keep in mind that you will have to be able to do ALL of the above.

3.  MEMBERSHIPS:  This farm and nonprofit operates solely on donations (we are too young to qualify for major grants).  If you would like to contribute by being a yearly member, please e-mail us for an application and details.  Your yearly membership is tax deductible and you will receive the newsletters and are welcome to visit the farm.

4.  LESSEES:  There is a 4th way to participate.  By contract you can lease lands for growing for yourself or family.  Currently we do not have a price structure for this, but we can barter - your time and energy to care for some of LQfarm's production in exchange for using our land.

The reality of the cost of farming:  keep in mind that in New York State where taxes are one of the highest in the nation, farming is NOT a lucrative business - especially if you are not willing to compromise the environment for the sake of being able to earn enough money to send your children to college.  This farm has the strictist control over all farming practices to

  1. keep our soil healthy, vibrant, and sustainable ,
  2. keep our animals at their optimum health levels by not participating in over-production or over crowding, and
  3. keep our natural water and forest resources in conditions of sustainability so our community can enjoy the wonderful wildlife we host.

The donor family had to work off the farm in well paying professions to be able to keep this ~90 acre farm intact and uncontaminated.  It also took a MINIMUM of three people to keep the production up to a bare minimum.  With that in mind please consider supporting this operation with donations to pay for food for the livestock, infrastructure upkeep, insurance, etc., but more important than money, please donate TIME and PHYSICAL energy to help operate this farm.  We wish this farm to thrive for a long time so that new farmers can own livestock from our flocks to take with them to their new farms (or perhaps just keep them here while continuing to volunteer for this nonprofit).  

We'd like to recognize and deeply thank the following businesses/agencies/individuals for their generous support of our nonprofit:

Clark & Sons Poultry in Edmeston, NY,


Since we don't have enough help yet to continue processing our own poultry, we take our birds to them for processing.  They do an excellent and clean job so that our birds can be sold at the farmers market.  In New York State a producer can sell their poultry directly to the consumer if the operation is under 1,000 birds.

Chenango County Agricultural Development Council

Without the ADC's help in paying for liability insurance for Norwich Farmers Market we could not offer free market memberships to farmers and veterans.


When we have special events at the park during market, Chobani's helps to promote these agricultural promotional events.

Rothwell's Used Cars, in Plymmouth, NY


Without their help in keeping our old vehicles running we'd be "up the creek".  Jim Rothwell is one of the best diagnosticians in Central New York.

Sidney Federal Credit Union

Norwich Branch

This bank provides us with re-usable tote bags to offer the public.  They also allow us to post events at their branch.

Adsit Septic and Excavation LLC

In 2020 this company went above and beyond in helping LQfarm put in a new septic system for the guest quarters.  We can once again have overnight short and long term volunteers!   Excellent and expert work, pleasant and competent employees.  It was actually fun working with them.

Norwich Tractor

This local company has very skilled repair people who respond to farm calls with grace and affordable prices.

L.T.'s Loco Honey

Lash Taylor is the best bee keeper in Chenango County.  His raw honey is never overcooked.  You can trust his raw honey has live enzymes for health and healing.  He is also an excellent teacher.  He loves to teach and most of our interns go to his location for a lesson in sustainable bee keeping.  He also provides excellent hay.

Miscellaneous Donors

4/11/18 anon donation Memory of Russell Overton

2017 Piaker & Lyon

2021 a donation of a 2005 Chevy Tahoe - in the nick of time!!

Please support the above businesses because of their charitable contributions.