213 Pierce Road Plymouth NY 13832

 We currently do not use this web site for e-mail communication.  Please use lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net

Urgent needs 10/18/22:

  • $310.00 lp for farmhouse hot water
  • $1,259.48 lp heat for trainee quarters
  • $65 for another face cord of firewood to heat the farmhouse
  • (see below for additional needs)

Update 9/30/2022:  

Just heard on the radio that NYS has lost over 6,000 family farms in just the last few years.  NYS and two other states (California and Wisconsin) are the largest producers of (farm products??  milk?? - can't remember).  Chenango County's largest industry is farming, but in just one generation we went from 700 family farms to only 100.  Of those 100 only 5 are operating in the black.  Please help us to train the next generation of farmers.  Please buy local food as much as you can to keep our family farms operating.  Small farmers markets are springing up all over Chenango County (in New York State).  Please support them and the farmers who are forced to sell through farmers markets because the local government is either reluctant or incompetent to help.
LQfarm's URGENT NEED!!   Many of our former donors have lost jobs during the pandemic.  We are in urgent need of donations to cover the following:
$5,000.00 diesel tractor broke down again, needs new clutch & has to be shipped to specialist
$500 vehicle repair
$3,210.00 diesel tractor repair from last spring (borrowed the money, need to pay it back)
$270 scythe (our antique scythe finally broke with no hope of repair)

We continue to do home deliveries (local farm products), and we are back in East Park on Wednesdays while the weather holds.  We have wild herbs and greens, eggs, goat butter, lamb, goat, local raw honey, and local maple syrup.

Call 607-334-4928 or e-mail norwichfarmersmarket@frontier.com to find out current availability and place your order.  To help pay for our gasoline we will charge a 5% delivery fee.

Our year round Mobile Market is 100% volunteer run and financed 100% by donation and small grants. We need someone to write a grant so that we can obtain the trailer to pick up and deliver farm products for more than the 5 farms we are now serving. We already have the battery operated freezer to transport Chenango County meat products. Call 607-334-4928 or email norwichfarmersmarket@frontier.com if you can volunteer to help us write grants and/or help drive the delivery truck.

You can access Lamb's Quarters Organic Farm products on regular work days by contacting us at 607-334-4928 or our e-mail lambsqfarm@frontiernet.net.  We also do deliveries.  (see our products page)

Did you know that we are losing 2,000 acres of farmland a day to development?  (according to American Farmland Trust).

6/12/2022 meats available:

GOOSE and LAMB are now available, vacuum packed, as follows

Yearling goose, $5/lb:

5.35 lbs, price $26.75

6.49 lbs, price $32.45

6.83 lbs., price $34.15


kabob (boneless stew meat), price $9.50/lb

shoulder chops, price $9.50/lb

ground lamb, price $9/lb

stew meat w/ bone, price $8/lb.

tongue, price $7.00/lb

heart, kidneys, liver, price $5.00/lb

bones, price $2.00/lb

fat and testicles, price $1.00/lb